The Story

Welcome to a world in which lizards wear top hats, carry a walking stick, and can speak (although not very much)!

Ellington Owl throws the best parties, so when Thelonious Melon doesn't receive an invitation, he becomes anxious and upset! His excellent good friend Bootsy Bat, who likes to get to the bottom of things, comes to the rescue.

Join Reginald P. Lizard, Lady Horse, Ellington Owl, Thelonious Melon, and Bootsy Bat as they find out who took the invitation!

With happy illustrations, light situations, and a few morals sprinkled in for good measure, this story will entertain children and amuse parents.

In a story with a talking melon, all things are possible.

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Bootsy Bat and Thelonious Melon

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About The Book

Mission Statement

To create an entertaining story with rich characterization that provides positive encouragement for kids of all ages.

I think of Ellington Owl's Awesome Birthday as a cross between The House at Pooh Corner and Stuart Little. The characters are like the former, and adventures are like the latter. I tried to keep the characters fun and simple for kids, but I also attempted to give them full, rich personalities to appeal more to the "kid" inside adults.

There was a point in which I attempted to simplify the story to "bring it down" to a child's level. After re-reading Stuart Little, I came to the conclusion that E.B. White didn't do this. So, I decided not to cater to a particular audience. Some of the words might be a bit "large" for a 5 year old, but this offers additional launch points for parental instruction.

This book really is a reflection of myself. I wanted fun characters with rich, full personalities. I wanted light situations to illustrate positive values and encouragement. So that's what I wrote.

At the onset, I considered this as a "readable" story, that is, to be read to someone. I envisioned a young child saying to the parent, "You gotta do the voices!" While proofreading, I read the story aloud and used "voices." That's when I created the audio version of the story.

This introductory story book is just shy of 6,000 words and is available for free download as an e-book or as an audio book!

As for a technical note, I wrote the entire book using OpenOffice Writer. Getting the formatting figured out to send to Smashwords was tricky, but once figured out, it was easy enough to do. Although I drew most of the images by hand, I then used GIMP to clean them up and colorize. Both OpenOffice Writer and GIMP are free to download and use respective to their software licenses.

Contact The Author

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