The Story

Welcome to a world in which horses are positive, ladylike, and wear shining tiaras!

In this second story, our five friends find a treasure map! There is only one thing that can be done: embark on a voyage by sea!

In their adventure, they meet interesting characters, face danger, and finally arrive to their destination and get an unexpected surprise.

Come along with Reginald P. Lizard, Lady Horse, Ellington Owl, Bootsy Bat, and Thelonious Melon as they find adventure and new friends.

With happy illustrations, light situations, and a few morals sprinkled in for good measure, this story will entertain children and amuse parents.

Truer words were never spoken by a melon.

The Cast

Image Character Favorite Drink Favorite Saying About
Reginald P. Lizard Coffee Just so. A lizard of few words. Loves to eat flies!
Lady Horse Coffee Yes, yes, yes, yes! A positive, proper, and ladylike horse. She often wears a tiara.
Ellington Owl Coffee Hoo! Round, soft, and huggable. He flies, but he doesn't land well.
Thelonious Melon Coffee Oh dear, oh dear An anxious melon who talks and rolls around.
Bootsy Bat Coffee Muffin Crunch! A brown bat who likes to get to the bottom of things.

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About The Book

Mission Statement

To create an entertaining story with rich characterization that provides positive encouragement for kids of all ages.
This book is the second book in the world of Reginald P. Lizard. You can download the first book, Ellington Owl's Awesome Birthday, for free!

The first book (introductory story) was originally slated to be a single chapter in a collection of separate, but related, stories. The idea was to give away the first chapter for free to entice people to buy the whole book. However, as I wrote the story, it got longer and longer, and it seemed that it could easily be its own book. It is just shy of 6,000 words. I decided to give the whole book away for free as an enticement for this second book.

This second book, The Voyage of Captain Reginald P. Lizard And His Amazing Crew, is nearly three times longer than the introductory first book. (Currently at 17,601 words, which will change.) Because a friend of mine said, "it needs more pictures," I added more pictures. I also colorized many of the images using GIMP, which is proving itself fully up to the task.

Contact The Author

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