The Story

Reginald P. Lizard and The Case of the Missing Gemstone

A gemstone with wish fulfilling powers was stolen! All indications to its location point to an underground Caribbean cave. Detective English Harry calls upon Reginald P. Lizard and friends for help recovering this special gemstone.

Join Reginald P. Lizard, Lady Horse, Ellington Owl, Thelonious Melon, and Bootsy Bat for adventure, exotic coffee, puzzles, games, dreams, and songs as they seek the missing gemstone!

With light situations, humor, and a few morals sprinkled in for good measure, these stories will entertain both children and adults.

Great for reading aloud—and be sure to use separate voices for each character!

Keep in mind:
In a world with a talking melon, anything is possible.

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A Special Dog

A five-minute dramatic reading of a story in this book.

The Script

(A Quiet Moo Production #QuietMoo)

Author's Notes

This fourth book (BOOK 4) of the series was written only one year following BOOK 3. I had left a teaser in BOOK 3 claiming that this book was coming. The release of this book corresponded with my sister's birthday. She is my biggest fan.

This length of BOOK 4 far exceeded previous books. It almost became unwieldy since I write, edit, and re-edit myself.

For this book, I outsourced the cover art. The woman who did the work captured the dream scene pretty well, but in the end, I didn't like the shrunken head of Lady Horse inside the helmet, so I changed the helmet to be a dark face plate. One might say that I made her look "through a glass, darkly."

I worried about having too many chapters at sea. After all, BOOK 2 was mostly at sea. However, my sister pointed out that the S.S. Eager Horse is a knowable fixture in the series. Just so.

The stories-within-a-story portion of the book was reminiscent of Lone Fly McQuade from the previous book. I enjoyed the departure followed by a tie-in to existing stories. There are three stories within this story. There are also some fun dream sequences.

If you think you detected some Zen references, you did; however, the coat of the infinite cookie dates back to my college days.

BOOK 4 has some of the same characters from previous books. While The Crabs and The Mackerels aren't lead characters, it was fun to bring them back. I hope this makes the books seem more homey. You don't have to read these books in order, but it couldn't hurt; otherwise, you won't understand some of the obscure references, e.g. driftwood fish.

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A gift of fun, friendship, and adventure!

BOOK 1: Ellington Owl's Awesome Birthday (Free!)

BOOK 2: The Voyage of Captain Reginald P. Lizard And His Amazing Crew

BOOK 3: Reginald P. Lizard - A Day At The Beach

BOOK 4: Reginald P. Lizard and The Case of the Missing Gemstone

BOOK 5: Wind Stories - You know how the wind can get

The World of R.P.L.!Reginald P. Lizard (R.P.L.)

A Book Series of Fun, Friendship, and Adventure!

Welcome to a world where improbable things are possible, the wind plays an active role (you know how the wind can get), and you might just learn a thing or two.

This book series was written at a middle school level; however, they are fun for adults, too. These kid-safe adventure fantasies host unusual friends, odd circumstances, and a great deal of humor.

The lead character is none other than Reginald P. Lizard, an intelligent lizard of few words. His best friend is the regal, proper, elegant "Lady Horse" with a positive demeanor. Ellington Owl is a lovable, cuddly, yet uncoordinated owl, who flies just fine, but doesn't land so well. Finally, Bootsy Bat and Thelonious Melon (Yes, a melon!) are an inseparable pair who crack jokes and play games on each other.

These five charming friends get into light, non-threatening, and fun adventures, and they meet the most interesting creatures. You will be entertained by songs, jokes, games, puzzles, manners, and interesting facts, too! The world of Reginald P. Lizard (and his friends) is waiting for you. Yes, yes, yes, YES!

As one reviewer writes of the fourth book:

"This book defies categories and nearly eludes description—clever, witty, and tongue-in-cheek, but at the same time gentle, sincere, and reassuring. Like so many of the best stories, different layers will appeal to multiple ages; you will find yourself giggling and pondering in equal measure. Also, there is an awful lot of coffee, an enviable coat of infinite cookies, a bathysphere, and poetry. What's not to love?"

Join our five friends on their first adventure!

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Interest Level: Grades 3 - 7 & Adults!
Reading Level: Grades 4 - 8 
ATOS Book Level: 5.2

The Core Characters

The World of Reginald P. Lizard has five main characters who are the best of friends. Many other characters are introduced throughout the books, some of whom appear in multiple books.

Click any character's name for a full "Character Sketch."

Image Character Favorite Drink Favorite Saying About
Reginald P. Lizard Coffee Just so. A lizard of few words. Loves to eat flies!
Lady Horse Coffee Yes, yes, yes, YES! A positive, proper, regal, and ladylike horse. She often wears a tiara.
Ellington Owl Coffee Hoo! Round, soft, and huggable. Although he flies, he doesn't land well.
Thelonious Melon Coffee Oh dear, oh dear . . . An anxious melon who talks, rolls around, and cracks jokes. He's sometimes a rascal.
Bootsy Bat Coffee Muffin Crunch! A brown bat who likes to get to the bottom of things.

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