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A ForEx Trading Plan

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A trading plan is a business plan. When you start a business, you write a business plan. When you become a professional trader, you write a trading plan. This is a full-fledged trading plan, over 30 pages so far. This is like a pamphlet chock full of information. You will learn by reading it. This trading plan will likely save you dozens of hours by giving you a fully-fleshed-out trading plan.
You could call this a "sample trading plan" or an "example trading plan," but this trading plan is NOT: - a bare-bones template - a "how-to" article telling you how to write a trading plan - an article expounding on the virtues of having a trading plan.
This trading plan encompasses the detail you must think about before you will become a successful trader. Although you will probably not trade the same way I do, and you cannot expect to use this trading plan exactly as written, you will gain benefit from reading it. You will likely borrow the parts you need, and you can consider alternatives for what you don't need. This trading plan gives you a starting point. You will see sections on psychology, disaster recovery, tax status, and I will even tell you which broker I chose. While you still have to do the work, you don't have to re-invent the wheel.

Geany configuration

Geany Configuration For MQL5

Download configuration files (7Zip file; 10KB)
I had been using SciTE for MQL4 for some time. It works, but I was missing some features. So I gave geany a try.
I found someone else's configuration file(s) for geany, I forget where, then changed it to suit my needs for MQL5. I also created my own colorscheme based upon what I used with SciTE for MQL4.
Note: I piggy-backed on the .cpp definition. Looking back, I should have simply created a separate .mql definition. Oh well.


BB-Flat shows when the Bollinger Bands are stable or flat.   BB-Flat Screenshot