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Wind Stories - You know how the wind can get

Within the The World of Reginald P. Lizard, this is a standalone collection of stories with "the wind" as a central character.

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Reginald P. Lizard and The Case of the Missing Gemstone

Book 4 in The World of Reginald P. Lizard!

Our five friends set sail to St. Marie Island to help Lizard Detective English Harry find a stolen gemstone with wish fulfilling powers—and all indications point underground.

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A Mantra Way To Better Living

Personal development that is à la carte!
This book outlines a practical method of meditation that is simple, effective, and wholly under your control. The intent of this book is to help you to help yourself. This book is for anyone with a love of learning and self-improvement.

A ForEx Trading Plan

Updated edition! (2018.10.23)
I released the original edition during August of 2017. Since then, I have learned much, and I felt it was time to “refresh” this trading plan with new knowledge that I have gleaned over that time.

Ellington Owl's Awesome Birthday

Book 1 in The World of Reginald P. Lizard!

This book is currently available for free download as an ebook!
This is a kid safe story that is light, charming, and intended for grown-ups, too.

The Voyage of Captain Reginald P. Lizard And His Amazing Crew

Book 2 in The World of Reginald P. Lizard!

In this second story, our five friends find a treasure map! There is only one thing that can be done: embark on a voyage by sea!

Reginald P. Lizard - A Day At The Beach

Book 3 in The World of Reginald P. Lizard!

In this third book of the series, our five friends spend a day at the beach. They meet many interesting characters, fly kites, meet a ghost, and drink Turkish coffee!


This Short Story is currently available for free download as a PDF!
An assassination takes an unexpected turn that forces the killer to rely upon wits, training, weapon, and faith to avert her capture.
The unseen William, who provides advanced preparations for the hit, never makes mistakes. In the earliest hours of morning, the assassin courses through a hotel toward the mark playing a game with the unseen William. She actually hopes that William will mess up—just once—to take him down a notch. A locked door grants this wish, but now she faces a much more dangerous game.


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Mojave Memories - 4-up Postcard - Matte

free! As a prelude to my upcoming "Mojave Memories" coffee table book, I have made these free printable postcards showing some of the images you will see in the book.

Mojave Memories - 4-up Postcard - Matte

Mojave Desert Flowers - 4-up Postcard - Matte

free! Flowers in the desert show a splash of color and life in a spartan, stark landscape. These photos were taken in the Mojave desert.

Mojave Desert Flowers - 4-up Postcard - Matte

Greeting Cards

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The cost is primarily their printing cost—I keep my art affordable.

Savannah Greeting Card

free! I had some fun with an image I shot on a trip to Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah Greeting Card 7in x 5in


free! While walking around a Boulder City neighborhood, I found this interesting beast.

Gargoyle 7in x 5in

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