Personal development that is à la carte!

This book outlines a practical method of meditation that is simple, effective, and wholly under your control. The intent of this book is to help you to help yourself. This book is for anyone with a love of learning and self-improvement.

The benefits of meditation are well documented for reducing stress, controlling anxiety, and promoting overall emotional health. For the uninitiated, meditation can seem like it is elusive and out of reach. You see pictures of Zen gardens, waterfalls, and bald men in saffron robes. Or you see trendy people in breathtaking natural settings sitting in lotus position. Meditation doesn’t have to be this way.

This book offers a novel technique that you can start using immediately. Through the power of repetition of positive ideas, you can program, reprogram, and deprogram your mind.

— You can stop bad habits.

— You can focus on, and fortify, your resolve toward achieving your goals.

— You can improve your emotional well-being and develop inner peace.

Rather than enrolling in a course or sitting with a teacher who tells you “this is how you should do it,” and rather than an Eightfold Path of practices, this book outlines how you can choose the principles and values that you want to infuse into yourself. There are no seminars, no gimmicks, and no gurus.

The methodology is described in a straightforward way using anecdotes, quotations, and examples from the author’s own personal experience.

This is a book for anyone seeking to set their own course through life and enrich it at the same time.

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Bonus Material

A collection of notes and Eastern texts

About The Author

Anthony has always been fond of the written word. He is a self-proclaimed “reader,” who enjoys a variety of genres including philosophy, psychology, motivation, inspiration, trading, leadership, and religion.

His first book was a kids book! The characters are fun and simple for kids, but also have full, rich personalities to appeal to the “kid” inside every adult.

His first departure from kids books was “A ForEx Trading Plan,” which combines years of market study into a trading plan for foreign exchange trading.

In his spare free time, Anthony speculates currencies, shoots photos, reads, does push-ups, writes software, and drinks coffee.

Anthony currently lives in Phoenix, AZ.

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