Character Sketch - Lady Horse

Lady Horse is patterned after a real live horse near where I lived in Boulder City, NV. On one particular morning, I was speaking with my sister on the telephone when I noticed a horse at the stable down the hill nodding her head vigorously. I mentioned the horse to my sister, and even mimicked, in time with the horse's nodding, "Yes, yes, yes, YES!" The horse literally nodded her head four times.

Lady Horse, being a lady, often wears a tiara. Sometimes, however, she wears a bonnet when conditions warrant such things.

This regal and lady-like horse is a bit of a Chatty Cathy, which means that she tends to expostulate on various topics. Reginald P. Lizard, who often accompanies this friend, has learned to daydream about other things when this happens.

Lady Horse and Reginald P. Lizard are the best of friends. She and he often drink coffee together, and she likes how he is quiet while she's waking up. He, of course, likes the fact that flies seem to follow Lady Horse wherever she goes—but, of course, no one mentions such things about a proper, dignified, and lady-like horse.

Lady Horse's family owns a sailboat called the S.S. Eager Horse, which pops up in various adventures.

Lady Horse may be lady-like, but she's as strong as a horse, and she doesn't mind pulling a wagon or getting dirty if the situation calls for it. Well, she does mind getting dirty, but she doesn't fuss over it too much.